The year 2020 has changed the world unpredictably. We have witnessed different scenarios, from a global pandemic to a slowdown in economies and even civil unrest.

Following robust marketing strategies is essential to ensure business survival and achieve optimal growth during this challenging phase. Effective marketing techniques will help your business connect with your target audience and boost sales and profit in 2021.

If you expect magical growth for your business, you need to employ some new and effective marketing techniques instead of following the previous ones. At present, Digital Marketing is setting some exclusive marketing trends, which can boost the growth of your business effectively.

Here we have mentioned the top 6 Digital Marketing tricks and trends you need to follow for your successful year.

1.    AI-powered chatbots for conversational marketing:

Conversational marketing is an effective way to attract the attention of the users and promote your services. Today, everyone desires to have one on one conversation to resolve doubts and help customers.

Using AI-powered chatbots will allow your customers to get instant help and support. It will enable you to respond to the messages of the clients within a few seconds.

2.    Shoppable posts on social media platforms:

The advertisement is an effective marketing technique, which promotes sales effectively. At present, your shoppable posts on social media platforms will allow you to use a storytelling technique for selling.

The shoppable posts simplify the buyers’ buying process as they can click on the listed item they want to purchase.

3.    Promotion using ephemeral content:

The social media platforms are introducing some fantastic features to the users and temporary stories. You can promote your business by using ephemeral content and boost your sales positively.

You can create engaging content for temporary stories and grab the attention of users quickly. It will expand your reach and build trust.

4.    Insights driven marketing:

Insight-driven marketing will make your brand fly high in 2021. Using insight and analytics will help you drive your business performance and achieve the best results.

Using insights, you can better understand your customers’ interests and provide better products and services to them, which will allow your business to stay ahead of your competitors.

5.    Personalized content:

Content always plays an integral part in digital marketing. At present, we feel flooded with different types of content, including videos, podcasts, blogs, social media, and e-mails.

Personalised content will hit your target audience. It will build a rapport with your customers and increase sales as well.

6.    Contest on social media:

Social media contests are one of the effective ways to audience engagement. These contests will provide a little push to your audience to participate in the activities and cheer for your brand. Moreover, it will also promote customer buy-in.

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