SEO Tracking plays a vital role in creating successful social media marketing plans, internet marketing campaigns, and online marketing strategies. If you look into the SEO performance of your site, you can realize what trends are being set and how to follow those trends using a successful internet marketing campaign.

There are several things to monitor when it comes to online marketing like competitors rank and position, their backlinks profiles and keywords performance, etc. All you need is a service that can make a report for you to decide which online marketing strategy to follow.    

There are several online services available for SEO tracking, but not all of them provide you with the option to get an alert on every changing metric of your site. You can utilize any reliable service which can not only let you know the real-time performance of your site but can also deliver the alert on every changing social media marketing metrics.

SEO tracking services can also give you the option to get an alert when your competitor disrupts your internet marketing plans by creating spam backlinks on your site. You can get instant alerts from SEO tracking services for such spam links and take the needed action immediately.

Let’s list down the metrics you want to check out for SEO tracking:
– Organic Traffic
– Organic Conversions
– Keywords Ranking
– Competitor Analysis
– Top Queries
– Top Pages
– Top Keywords
– Backlinks Profile

The list of metrics to look out when tracking SEO is not finished here though. You need to check out several other statistics for a successful social media marketing campaign.

A good SEO tracking service can combine all the metrics into one report and bring out the areas with the need for immediate attention. One of the significant benefits of such service with search engine optimization tracking is the option of keeping an eye on backlinks of the site.  

FlowMedia gives you the option to track your site’s performance in real-time and get instant alerts for immediate actions.

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