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SEO Tracking You’ll Want to Know About

Everybody who owns a website needs to check every measure to track the performance of their site. These measures include tracking the website ranking, keyword research, back-links, and everything else related to SEO.

FlowMedia likes to check every metric and analyze every chart and figure, there is a need to track the entire websites performance. We can not only keep track of everything but we can also provide you with an email alert on every situation needing your attention. So in the event of your ranking dropping suddenly, you have peace of mind that you will get an email immediately.

Benefits of Tracking SEO

There are countless benefits of tracking SEO example:

  • One of the major benefits of tracking your site’s performance with this tracking is the immediate alert option. Whenever your site drops any metric and deviates from your marketing plan you can have the option to respond immediately.
  • Alerts will let you choose keywords for your site. Big sites do not rank on a few keywords but there are always some main keywords to keep track of. Tracking can keep a watch of those important keywords and send you an alert for a change in the position of such keywords.
  • Another benefit you get with tracking is following the back-links situation. Keeping track of every back-link and which ones are degrading your SEO quality is now possible. Because they are for the sure backbone of any site, alerts regarding back-links are an absolute essential to any SEO plan.
  • One of the most interesting features of tracking is the option of keeping an eye on your competitors. You can create a competitor project and check when they make new back-links. This way you can make sure you rank better than your competitor.
  • If your competitor is playing dirty and doing black-hat SEO on your site, you will get an immediate notification from us. You will get an alert for spam back-links and we can remove them immediately.
  • The technical health of your site is the most important factor in ranking. If your site has any issue in it you can get an alert for it. These issues can range from smaller to bigger ones depending on your plan with us.

Conclusion: Search Engine Optimization is an evolving platform, facing changes on daily basis. You need to keep yourself updated with ever-changing situations and what else can be better than having an Alert system? Using a tracking agency like FlowMedia will let you have the option to track your site’s performance in time and also make needed changes without any delay.

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